7 Signs Your Nutrition Might be Hindering Performance

1. You struggle to get through a rigorous workout without some form of pre-workout supplement, caffeine, stimulant etc.

2. You experience extreme soreness post workout, sometimes even 3-5 days post exertion.

3. You notice that you are more frequently injured than your teammates or training buddies. 

4. You've suddenly stopped menstruating.

5.  You often wake up hungry in the middle of the night.

6. You do not have a daily bowel movement.

7.  You do not heal as quickly as you used to after injury, illness, infection, surgery etc. 

If you find yourself saying yes to any of these questions, consider scheduling a consult with a sports dietitian.  It might be time to re-evaluate your nutrition habits and strategies in order to perform to the best of your ability.